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Direct Readout Laboratory


  • IPOPP v4.1 Released - 3/29/2022

    The DRL is pleased to announce the release of the International Planetary Observation Processing Package (IPOPP) Version 4.1.  IPOPP v4.1 now produces SNPP/NOAA-20 VIIRS and OMPS output, as well as Terra/Aqua MODIS output (NASA data model).  This version continues migration of SNPP-era algorithms into IPOPP with NASA Science Investigator-led Processing Systems (SIPS) heritage while still supporting the NOAA data model (xDR).
    Enhancements to IPOPP v4.1 ... READ MORE
  • VIIRS-L1 SPA v3.1.0 and IPOPP v4.0 Patch 2 Released - 7/20/2021

    The DRL is pleased to announce the release of VIIRS-L1 SPA v3.1.0 and IPOPP v4.0 Patch 2.  The VIIRS-L1 Science Processing Algorithm (SPA) takes VIIRS Science PDS files, Spacecraft packet files for APIDs 0, 8, and 11, and required ancillaries as input and outputs the NASA-format VIIRS Level 1A, Level 1B [for Day/Night Band (DNB), I, and M-bands], ... READ MORE
  • MODISL1DB SPA v1.9 Released - 7/14/2021

    The DRL is pleased to announce the release of MODISL1DB SPA v1.9. The MODIS Level 1 Direct Broadcast SPA (MODISL1DB_SPA) processes Level 0 MODIS data into Level 1A (MOD01/MYD01) and Geolocation (MOD03/MYD03) products. It also processes Level 1A and Geolocation products into MODIS Level 1B 1km (MOD021KM/MYD021KM), half km (MOD02HKM/MYD02QKM), and quarter km (MOD02QKM/MYD02QKM) data products. To update the MODISL1DB SPA from v1.8 ... READ MORE
  • IPOPP v4.0 Patch 1 Released - 12/4/2020

    In response to the recent science team announcement for MODIS and OMPS data outage, the DRL is pleased to announce the expedited release of IPOPP v4.0 Patch 1. This patch updates the de200.eos file in relevant SPAs within your system; a table critical for science processing that expired one month early on December 1.  We strongly recommend that you apply Patch 1 ... READ MORE