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The ACTIVEFIRES_SPA takes as inputs the VIIRS M5, M7, M11, M13, M15, and M16 band SDR products and the VIIRS M-Band Terrain-Corrected Geolocation product, and creates the VIIRS Active Fires Application Related Product (ARP) as well as the Fire Mask.


1/29/20 11:27 AM
by Esther, Spain

The AEROSOL_SPA produces the mission-compliant Aerosol Optical Thickness (AOT) IP; Aerosol Model Index (AMI) IP; Aerosol EDR; Suspended Matter (SM) EDR; and Aerosol Geolocation HDF5 product.


3/19/19 8:41 PM
by DRL Staff

AIRS processes downlinked data from the AIRS, AMSU-A and HSB instruments on the Aqua spacecraft from RAW packets in PDS format to Level 1-B calibrated radiances.


3/7/22 2:38 PM
by Mario, Italy

Aqua provides a six year chronology of the planet and its processes.


11/8/22 2:20 PM
by DRL Staff

The BlueMarble SPA creates MODIS sharpened True Color and Natural Color imagery; VIIRS sharpened True Color and Natural Color imagery; VIIRS NCC day and night imagery; and overlays of OMPS imagery on VIIRS True Color.


3/13/23 4:19 PM
by DRL Staff

The BURNSCAR_SPA maps post-fire burned areas using daily composites of 500m MODIS corrected reflectance and daily composites of 1km MODIS active fire observations.


9/16/19 4:02 PM
by DRL Staff

The C-SDR SPA software package processes Suomi NPP VIIRS, ATMS and CrIS Raw Data Record (RDR) HDF5 products into corresponding instrument-specific and mission-compliant HDF5 Sensor Data Record (SDR) and Geolocation swath products.


6/2/22 3:22 PM
by DRL Staff

The CLOUDMASK_SPA produces the mission-compliant Cloud Mask IP HDF5 product.


11/23/22 4:11 PM
by Conrad, Germany

Construction Record Lister is a Java program that displays the contents of a Production Data Set (PDS)/Environmental Data Set (EDS) Construction Record.



The COP SPA produces the mission-compliant VIIRS Cloud Optical Properties IP and the VIIRS Ice & Night Water Cloud Top Temperature HDF5 IP.