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Direct Readout Laboratory

Highlights Archive

2019 Highlights

IMAPP SPA v3.1.1 Released - 2/1/2019

The DRL is pleased to announce the release of the IMAPP SPA v3.1.1.  This implementation of select NASA Level 2 algorithms from within the UW/SSEC International MODIS/AIRS Processing Package (IMAPP) was created for real-time or near real-time applications within the multi-mission, multi-discipline International Planetary Observation Processing Package (IPOPP) framework. The IMAPP Science Processing Algorithm (SPA) v3.1.1 consists of official NASA algorithms only, and processes MODIS Aqua and Terra Level 1B data into the following MODIS Level 2 atmospheric products:
  • Cloudmask (MOD35);
  • Cloudtop Properties, Cloud Phase and Cloud Optical properties (MOD06);
  • Atmospheric Profiles (MOD07);
  • Aerosol (MOD04); and
  • Aerosol 3km.
This SPA functions in two modes: Standalone, or as an IPOPP plug-in (IPOPP v3.0 or later required).
Enhancements to this SPA include:
  • new Terra destriping coefficients and new Cloud Mask thresholds put into place after the Terra Safe-Hold Event that took place in February 2016;
  • changes to meteorological ancillary requirements.
Click here  to access IMAPP SPA v3.1.1.
Click here to access the IMAPP SPA v3.1.1 User's Guide.
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