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Direct Readout Laboratory

Highlights Archive

2018 Highlights

RT-STPS v6.0 Patch 1 Released - 2/27/2018

The DRL is pleased to announce the release of Patch 1 for the RT-STPS v6.0 package.  Patch 1 enables real-time visualization of JPSS-1/NOAA-20 VIIRS data using Simulcast v6.0, which is downstream of the pre-processor, RT-STPS, and accepts the on-orbit instrument data in real-time to single or multiple destinations simultaneously. 
The Real-time Software Telemetry Processing System (RT-STPS) is a Java real-time application that ingests real-time telemetry data from a spacecraft transmission via TCP socket or from an equivalent demodulated file, performs multi-mission protocol processing including link-layer artifact corrections, provides data integrity statistics, and produces output to a file or TCP/IP socket.
RT-STPS is preconfigured to enable the Real-Time Community to acquire transmissions from Terra/Aqua, SNPP and JPSS-1, and produce output in numerous file formats.  The preconfigured output formats are: Raw Data Records (RDRs) for the SNPP and JPSS-1 VIIRS, CrIS ATMS, and OMPS instruments; as well as Production Data Sets (PDS) for these SNPP instruments, Terra MODIS, and Aqua MODIS, AIRS, AMSR, AMSU, and CERES instruments.
Simulcast is a multi-mission tool that enables a user to select and view quicklook instrument data (JPSS-1/SNPP VIIRS as well as Aqua/Terra MODIS) in real time with a single Viewer, thus providing a valuable real-time data quality assessment utility (e.g., Global Mission Operations, Regional Ground Station Operations).
Simulcast processes and visualizes instrument data in real time, and accepts as input CCSDS packet streams (e.g., RT-STPS). Simulcast provides real-time geolocation and pseudo-calibration, and projects data on Mercator and Polar maps.  Simulcast can replay recent satellite passes, export displayed images to JPEG format, and save replayed passes to AVI/Quicktime movies. 
The RT-STPS and Simulcast packages were previously verified as elements of the JPSS-1/NOAA-20 Spacecraft Integration and Test Team, and again during the on-orbit direct broadcast (HRD) commissioning.
Click here to access RT-STPS v6.0 Patch 1 and Simulcast v6.0.
Click here to access the RT-STPS v6.0 and Simulcast v6.0 User's Guides.
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