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Direct Readout Laboratory

What Is Global View Live?

IPOPP Global Parallel Data Processing: A Tool for Data Quality Monitoring and DR Algorithm Development  

The International Planetary Observation Processing Package (IPOPP) is the primary processing package
 that enables the Direct Readout community to process, visualize, and evaluate SNPP and JPSS-1 Sensor and Environmental Data Records.

The simultaneous use of more than one CPU or processor core to process portions of the complete data package. 

The DRL creates global imagery using its Direct Readout technologies to process SNPP and JPSS-1 Stored Mission Data (SMD) provided by NASA's Earth Science Mission Operations (ESMO) Project.  This capability provides a quality monitoring tool for use by the ESMO Project and Direct Readout algorithm development teamThe utility of DRL technologies: 

  • enables application on a global scale;
  • enhances algorithm development and implementation;
  • enables scientific analysis in a Geographic Information System (GIS) environment; and
  • contributes to capacity building while reinforcing NASA's commitment to the international disaster charter using real-time and near real-time assets.

How Does Global View Live Work?

The overall three phases of complete global data processing flow are illustrated below including the most recent granules of full global data as received from the ESMO station. The IPOPP Global Images shown in Phase 2 below are VIIRS true color images generated with the CVIIRS Science Processing Algorithm (SPA) running within the IPOPP framework.