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Direct Readout Laboratory


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The Real-time Software Telemetry Processing System (RT-STPS) ingests raw telemetry data and produces products, including sorted Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS) packets and Virtual Channel Data Units (VCDUs).  RT-STPS is capable of producing output for any instrument onboard SNPP.  RT-STPS functions in two modes:  Standalone, or as an IPOPP plug-in (Linux only), and it supports a variety of output formats.  Click here to view the latest version of the RT-STPS User's Guide for more details.

Installed as a server RT-STPS will operate continuously, receiving data from a port or a file and outputting results to files and sockets as specified in a configuration file.  A separate interface can be used to invoke RT-STPS from the command line.

The RT-STPS package includes two main utilities: the viewer and the sender. The viewer displays the progress of the server as it runs, and it can be used to load server configuration files.  The sender copies a raw data file to the server for processing. 

The RT-STPS architecture is depicted in the figure at right.  Each server component performs a typical part of the overall CCSDS processing from raw telemetry frames to packets.  Click here to download the latest version of the RT-STPS package for either Linux or Windows.