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Click here for information on the NASA Direct Readout Conference (NDRC) Webinar

Direct Readout Laboratory

NDRC Webinar (September 2019)

Virtual NDRC Webinar Series

On September 4, 2019 the NASA Direct Readout Conference (NDRC) Organizing Committee held the latest in a series of webinars to facilitate communications among, and provide updates to, the Real-time (RT) and Near Real-time (NRT) remote sensing user communities.  This webinar featured Dr. Nickolay Krotkov’s (NASA/GSFC) presentation, “Real-time Volcanic Cloud Products for Aviation Alerts.”

Click here for the post-webinar survey (less than 3 minutes to complete).  We value your feedback as we evaluate future software technologies and algorithms, and prioritize resources accordingly to meet the needs of the global user community.

Webinar Series Details
The NDRC webinar series provides a venue for awareness and exchange of remote sensing science research and corresponding RT/NRT applications using Direct Readout and other low latency Earth observation capabilities. The series focuses on NDRC themes, topics and priorities, including updates on relevant science, algorithms, technologies, applications and systems. The frequency and topics of webinars in this series will be based on input articulated by interested participants. Presentations, action items, and relevant meeting notes will be published on the NASA DRL Web Portal.

Webinar Minutes
Click here to download the minutes of the September 4 webinar.

Purpose/Objectives of the Webinar Series - Brad Quayle (USDA FS GTAC)
Real-time Volcanic Cloud Products for Aviation Alerts - Dr. Nickolay Krotkov (NASA/GSFC)

Next Webinar
The next webinar is planned for December 4, 2019.