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Direct Readout Laboratory

NASA Direct Readout Conference (NDRC-9) 2016 - Valladolid, Spain

Enabling Real-Time Earth Observations for Societal Benefits

The purpose of the NASA Direct Readout Conference (NDRC) is to provide a venue for awareness and exchange of remote sensing science research and corresponding applications using Direct Readout (DR), or real-time Earth observations from NASA Earth Observing System (EOS) and Suomi NPP (S-NPP) instrument data, along with exposure to enabling technologies.  It is also hoped that this venue will foster conversations and collaborations which would help identify areas in Direct Broadcast  and Direct Readout (DR) that would improve and/or enhance decision support systems. 

Toward this purpose we will have plenaries and poster sessions but also incorporate several workshops focused on specific real-time applications, algorithms and systems.  This will be enhanced by vendor presence to provide keen insights into algorithm and system implementation onto operational systems, as well as commercial availability of such capabilities.

Click here to download the NDRC-9 flyer.

Click here to read Enabling Real-Time Earth Observations for Societal Benefits:  The NASA Direct Readout Conference 2016, published in The Earth Observer [Volume 28, Issue 6 pp. 22-30].

NDRC-9 Proceedings

Click here to download the complete NDRC-9 Proceedings.


Tuesday, June 21, 2016
Welcome, Agenda, and Logistics - Patrick Coronado (NASA)/Jose Luis Casanova (LATUV)
Universidad de Valladolid Welcome and Presentation - Rector of the Universidad de Valladolid
LATUV Presentation - Jose Luis Casanova (LATUV)
The Earth Observation Activities at INTA - Eduardo de Miguel LLanes (INTA)
EOS Mission and Instrument Update - Patrick Coronado (NASA)
NASA Science Roadmap - Tsengdar Lee (NASA)
NASA Direct Readout Laboratory - Patrick Coronado (NASA)
NASA Global Near Real-time Environment (LANCE) - Karen Michael (NASA)/Diane Davies (NASA)
NASA VIIRS Level-1 - Fred Patt (NASA)
BlueMarble - Vanu Dasgupta (NASA)
Wednesday, June 22, 2016 - Real Time Land Science Applications
Land Discipline Welcome/Overview for the Day - Brad Quayle (USDA Forest Service)
WORKSHOP: Active Fire - Louis Giglio (NASA ST)/Wilfrid Schroeder (NASA ST)
WORKSHOP: Burned Area Mapping and Monitoring Algorithms - Louis Giglio (NASA ST)/Wilfrid Schroeder (NASA ST)
Thursday, June 23, 2016 - Real Time Oceans/Fresh Water Remote Sensing
Welcome and Logistics - Jasmine Nahorniak (OSU)
Friday, June 24, 2016 - Real-time Atmosphere Science Applications
Atmosphere Discipline Welcome/Overview for the Day – Allen Huang (UW)/Anders Soerensen (EUMETSAT)
Atmospheric Composition - Christian Retscher (EUMETSAT)
EUMETSAT EARS Network - Carlos Cabanas (EUMETSAT)
Adjourn - Patrick Coronado/Jose-Luis Casanova


MDEO System for Environmental Monitoring in Morocco – Chaker El Amrani (Abdelmalek Essaadi University)
A Warning Malaria Index for Tanzania Based on EO and Weather Modeling – José Luis Casanova (University of Valladolid)
Timely Information for Frost Impact Mitigation from MODIS Aqua and WRF NWP Forecasts – Maungu Oware (RCMRD)
A Satellite-based Water Quality Information Service for Lake Victoria – James Mumina (RCMRD)