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Direct Readout Laboratory


The NASA Direct Readout Laboratory offers a forum for developing distributing and sharing technologies enabling the Direct Readout Community and commercial interests to readily access remote sensing products. We provide a framework and utilities built from modular components to acquire, process, and display end products of value to researchers, government agencies, and public decision makers. Software and utilities downloads are offered below.

The International Planetary Observation Processing Package (IPOPP), is a set of integrated core technologies developed by the DRL for acquiring Direct Broadcast data from spacecraft downlink telemetry and generating end products. The open source package is easy to install and use and executes on modestly capable hardware. IPOPP is a scalable distributed system adaptable to expanding processing needs and its extensible modular architecture readily accommodates new or changing mission requirements. Broad use of this overarching framework promotes standardization of process and format within the user community and encourages the interchange of information and data.

Algorithm wrappers are a key design feature of the IPOPP framework. A wrapper encapsulates diverse science algorithms so that each algorithm presents a standard, unified interface. Wrappers with embedded algorithms are Science Processing Algorithms (SPAs). To generate products, an SPA may be run inside the data-driven IPOPP framework in IPOPP Mode or executed independently from the command line in Standalone Mode.

Other components include the Control System (CS) to execute the SPAs, the Information Services (IS) to retrieve requisite ancillary information, the Data Storage Manager (DSM) to move and store products, and the Status Event/Logging System (SLS) to display IPOPP system status. The DRL also provides the RT-STPS software to generate CCSDS packet files and Simulcast to view quicklook images and instrument data.

What The Direct Readout Laboratory Provides

The Direct Readout Laboratory offers this free software as a service to the user community.   DRL technologies provide fast access to instrument data and derivative products from the Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership (NPP), Aqua, and Terra missions and, in the future, the Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS) mission.

We provide Science Processing Algorithms (SPAs) to generate products, the International Polar Orbiter Processing Package (IPOPP) framework for scheduling and running SPAs, and utilities supporting raw packet processing, quick-look viewing, and archived data reprocessing. SPAs may be run as standalone programs or may be easily installed in the IPOPP Framework.