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Direct Readout Laboratory


IPOPP Global Processing: A Tool for Data Quality Monitoring and DR Algorithm Development.
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TERRA Mission Support

The DRL serves the global Direct Readout community on behalf of the Terra mission objectives.  As the "Portal" for Terra mission information, technologies and algorithms, the DRL enables the global Direct Readout community to view Terra Earth monitoring data for real-time applications. 

The DRL receives the Terra MODIS direct broadcast transmission and generates data products for each overpass observed.  The products are then published to the Recent Data Products Gallery on the DRL Web Portal. (Terra products from the Remote Sensing Applications Center [RSAC] and Oregon State University [OSU] may also be viewed at the Gallery.)  The algorithms used to generate these products were provided by the mission and ported by the DRL and other mission development teams.  The DRL implemented these algorithms for use in a Direct Readout environment. These Terra algorithms, in Science Processing Algorithm (SPA) form, are available for free download via the DRL Web Portal. SPAs function in two modes:  Standalone, or as an International Polar Orbiter Processing Package (IPOPP) plug-in.  The IPOPP data processing framework is also available for free download via the DRL Web Portal.

Terra Direct Readout Technologies, Data and Services